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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Garage conversion


With a neighbour's help, I have embarked on a major renovation: as the house is overflowing with my 5,000-plus book collection and the double garage serves no better purpose than to store a whole pile of junk, I decided to get rid of much of the junk and to turn the garage into a "Bibliothèque".

We will replace the roll-a-door with a sliding glass door to let plenty of daylight in, and line the peaked ceiling with tongue-in-groove timber panelling and, most important of all, make the eaves "possum-proof" as the garage has been the home for several possums over many years. One of the possums lived very contentedly inside my kayak hanging from the ceiling; when I removed the kayak, it quickly moved to the INSIDE of the rolled-up green roll-a-door and still was inside it when these pictures were taken. Despite all the noise we were making with our power tools, it refused to vacate its new home!

We'll be busy with the woodwork for another two or three days, including the wooden frame for the sliding glass door, during which time an electrician will instal some ceiling lights and powerpoints. Then I need to decide what I want to do about the floor which is rough concrete at the moment and whether I should clad the walls or leave the brickwork 'au naturel'. Come back to this page soon for my next progress report!