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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Going for a swim at Cocomo Village


The only license required to flog real estate in the Kingdom of Tonga is a poetic one. Consider this introduction to Cocomo Village in the article 'What Life is Like In Cocomo Village':

"Yawning and stretching would be the first thing you might do to start your day in Cocomo, and even before the next thing, you will be curiously drawn to the veranda to assimilate that most incredible view, just to reconfirm you actually made it out from behind the office cubical and not still dreaming. How about breakfast on the awesome veranda? Always the choice since it is where we can consume nature’s most fulfilling gifts, her natural foods and the sight of her beautiful emerald islands set in vivid blue waters under azure skies. That combination can cure cancer, literally. This routine sets the stage for every new day. Breakfast is on; fresh eggs from down the lane or just fruit, maybe from your own trees, delicious. It all tastes better than the store bought and is so much healthier and cheaper too. Lemon grass tea for me please, or some fresh squeezed juice, all for free—whoopee, the billionaire has nothing on me."

Strange, not a word about a swim in the blue South Pacific! I mean, that's what you're there for, right? Jumping straight off the cliff is what Steve McQueen would do but he died in 1980 - and so might you if you took this quick route to an invigorating dip.

Abseiling for a swim anybody?

No, for you it's a "stroll down the lane" until "a little further down the way and you will come to the old village" where "the lagoon is at the end of the wharf" ...

Hunga Jungle

... or, in more prosaic terms, a sweaty scramble through undergrowth for several miles and, depending on your age and agility, several hours from your Potemkin Village (marked on the aerial map with a yellow cross) to the said wharf (marked with a red cross).

A long walk from yellow (the location of 'Cocomo') to red (the only access to the island)

Don't ask me how far it is: I don't think anybody has ever bothered to survey the island. I mean, there's nothing there so why bother? The whole island is said to be a thousand acres so figure it out for yourself.

The only access to the island

Luckily, to get down to the wharf it's all downhill. Just make sure you save enough strength for the return journey because there aren't any stretcher-bearers and the nearest cardiac arrest unit is 2,500 km away in New Zealand.

In the meantime, enjoy your swim at Cocomo Village!


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P.P.S. Looks like good ol' Robert Bryce is running out of steam on Cocomo and has started up another dream scheme, this time nearer to his new hide-out in Fiji: see www.landbuddy.com and www.gonativefiji.com.