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Thursday, October 6, 2016

From the people who brought you Cocomo Village


After my visit to the tiny Kingdom of Tonga, I did write that the only license required to flog real estate there was a poetic one. Well, add to this the software needed to create slick virtual reality video clips like the one above.

The people who brought you the even-less-than-Potemkin "Cocomo Village" on Hunga Island, which pulled in some US$600,000 from dreamers from all over the world - all of whom are yet to take up residence in what is nothing more than jungle and of no use to even the local Tongans; see here - set up shop in Fiji where they've upped the ante with Go Native Fiji, which starts at a whopping US$48,800 instead of the rather modest $5,970 for Cocomo Village.

The very likable and self-styled 'realtor' Robert Bryce, who invented Cocomo Village, is stretching his poetic licence to the limit when he writes here that some presumably fictitious "... eco minded lady from America that owns this remarkable 52 acre beachfront property has made arrangements with a building manufacturer to make 18 small affordable beach houses for people who would like to experience what everyone at one time or another has coveted, life on the beach in paradise."

Robert, I like the way you start your sales blurb with the surprised exclamation "Look what we found!" But then you ask readers to email you at rb@gonativefiji.com which is a domain name registered by your lovely wife Oksana on 26 Nov 2014 (presumably without telling you, hence your surprise!)

And while free yacht club membership is a winner, you don't mention wifi which is essential, even on your fictitious beach in paradise.

Just a thought, Robert: will you accept as down-payment a thousand shares in "Hunga Island Estate Limited"?