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Monday, November 30, 2015

On this day in 1977

Some cruiser wrote this in Tom Neale's guest book: "This above is Tom Neale, the man who enacted all our dreams and will live in all our hearts for his individuality. Suvarov, This is one man's island ... We hope that whilst he is away, we yachtsmen can help preserve all that he has done for the island and his home. Out of little, he has created a good deal. We feel, that if every visiting yacht completed some small beneficial project, then, not only would we all appreciate this haven all the more, but also, upon his return, he would discover that not all his toil was in vain."


On this day in 1977 Tom Neale, the "Hermit of Suwarrow", passed away in Rarotonga. As the guestbook entry puts it, he enacted all our dreams for us, and his dream lives on in his book An Island to Oneself.