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Friday, August 7, 2009

“If you start off north, go north, don’t turn east, west, or south.” Javanese proverb

The Trouble-and-Strife mumbled something about having missed an important anniversary date in July (I've got no idea what she's talking about!) and also wanting to go for a drive, and as her wish is my command, we spent two successive days visiting and eating out, first at the Moruya Bowling Club, driving 25 km south, and then at the Ulladulla Bowling Club, driving 50 km north.

We had never been to the Moruya Bowling Club before and it was quite an eye-opener! Beautiful food, great service, and a choice of a dozen lunchtime specials, priced at $9.50 ! And all this in a dining-room with a view across the greens to the Moruya River!

The Ulladulla Bowling Club has been a lunch-time favourite of ours for many years but we hadn't visited Ulladulla for a while, and were surprised how much had changed in this little seaside town: new shops, new buildings, new tourist attractions. The club itself still offered its $5-luncheon of generous proportions. I had three large rissoles, and washed them down with a glass of riesling, which made the whole trip worthwhile!