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Monday, August 24, 2009

That was the week, that was!

A Newcastle man who won a $2 million Lotto prize avoided claiming his winnings for seven months while he prepared himself mentally. The 48-year-old small businessman discovered his win on January 13, the morning after the draw, but has been storing the ticket in a tin since then. He contacted NSW Lotteries this Thursday to collect the win. "I'm a bit of a crazy sort of bloke," he told John Vineburg from NSW Lotteries. How true!

The Happy Little Vegemites jingle had to wait even longer before being added to The Sounds of Australia registry which preserves famous sounds with historical or social significance. What could be socially more significant than Vegemite? Aeroplane Jelly perhaps?

Not that Vegemite is an Australian company any longer. It was bought out by foreigners a long time ago who probably anticipated what Dun & Bradstreet have just confirmed: that Australia is one of the four most secure countries to invest in, together with Canada, Norway, and Switzerland.

But not necessarily the most secure when it comes to visiting a public toilet as a 70-year-old Cairns man has just found out who became stuck at the Cairns Central Shopping Centre toilets after someone had smeared super-glue over the toilet seat. He was taken to the Cairns Base Hospital, where the toilet seat was removed. Outch!!!