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Monday, March 22, 2010

Somerset Maugham has changed my life, too ...

... but this chap has gone one better: not only has he all of Somerset Maugham's books but just about everything else about him as well! What a collection!

I bought my first set of Maugham's Short Stories when I visited a bookstore in Singapore while I was stationed in Burma in 1975. It included such stories as The Verger, Mr Knowall, and Sanatorium, all of which were also made into a short film under the name Trio, followed by Quartet and Encore.

Others, like The Letter, were turned into radio plays:

Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

And here's the movie trailer of the same story:

And here's The Razor's Edge:

And here is another favourite of mine, The Vessel of Wrath (aka The Beachcomber). You can watch the remaining eleven parts of the old 1938 black-and-white version here: Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4Part 5,  Part 6,  Part 7,  Part 8,  Part 9,  Part 10,  Part 11Part 12. A more recent colour version is available on DVD.

Reading The Trembling of the Leaf takes me back to my years in Samoa or the Solomons or Papua New Guinea and each story creates such evocative "word-pictures" that I never tire of reading them.