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Friday, October 17, 2014

I was going to copy this picture from the internet

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But it hasn't even been uploaded yet despite the 'Open House' being on Sunday at 11 o'clock. How many people are they going to attract through this ad in the local rag?

Anyway, they got my attention because the property is our neighbours' across the lane who have been trying to sell since at least mid-2012. They're now with their fourth agent and have pulled out all stops: 'Open House' this weekend, and presumably every weekend thereafter, and an on-site auction on the 29th of November.

They are the same people who, totally unannounced and unsolicited and salivating at their mouths, walked into "Riverbend" on 27 March 2011, asked if it was still for sale, arranged for a valuation on 21 April 2011, and then decided not to go ahead with the purchase.

Instead, the following month they bought this smallish wooden cabin on 1920 square metres across the lane for $950,000, and a few months later the adjoining 1500 square metre vacant block for another $750,000 - marked in the photo inside the faint red lines -, both of which are now on sale again.

Gobsmacked? So was I!

I mean, why did they buy a small wooden cabin on just 3,500 square metres for $1.7 million, when for just a couple of hundred thousands more they could've bought "Riverbend" which stretches from the right-hand side of the red-lined box to the very end and around the bend in the river and has a substantial two-storey brick house and many improvements on its over 30,000 square metres of waterfront land?

They must've asked themselves the same question because they lived in that small wooden cabin for less than a year before abruptly leaving and putting it up for sale again. If the 'Greater Fool Theory' still works, we may have new neighbours for Christmas!

Anyway, here it is now - the neighbours' place is inside the red box; "Riverbend" is outlined in yellow: