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Monday, October 27, 2014

This nearly brought the house down


How did they ever get this woodburning stove into the house? I mean, even the 'Strongman from Piraeus' couldn't shift it. All I can think of is that they sat down the stove first and then built the house around it. ☺

Anyway, it's out now and so is the green hatch that was used to pass firewood from the outside into the kitchen. Chiselling out the edges to re-brick the opening nearly brought the house down. A humble carjack saved us from total disaster!

The opening has now been re-bricked except for a half-brick which is the 'keystone' that saved the whole thing from caving in.

It'll be mortared in place properly in a day or two when the mortar on the other bricks has sufficiently hardened.