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Monday, March 2, 2015

A blast from the past

Roy, Sheryl, moi


Yesterday the phone rang and a stranger's voice said, "This is Sheryl from Brisbane. We're across the river at Nelligen and would like to come and visit you." "I don't know a Sheryl from Brisbane", I replied.

"Yes, you do", the voice said. "I'm Sheryl. We worked together in the ANZ Bank in '67." OF COURSE! And so we met again after 48 years.

Back then Sheryl and I not only worked in the same bank but also lived in the same boarding-house about which I had written here. She had found the story on the internet some years ago and contacted me then by email but I had since forgotten. She and her husband Roy were campervanning up and down the East Coast and calling in on friends on the way.

Sheryl had been more of a teenage crush than a friend to me as she was by far the best-looking sheila in the bank. I had been in Australia for just over a year and owned no more than the clothes I stood up in at a time when a car was 95% of a young man's personality.

With just 5% personality and a thick German accent I never stood a chance  ☺