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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Travel thru' the Torres Strait with Hubert Hofer

Hamelin Boulders, named after the French Minister of the Navy in 1858 by Captain JB Desparmet

Erub (Darnley Island)
Japanese Divers' Graves

Darnley Deep, Darnley Island from Kaliko Passage

Talab, unique rock

Black Coral, Kaliko Passage Darnley Deep 25 m.
The West passage has a depth of 90 m.

Zuizin (Halfway Island)

Tobin Cay, named by Lt William Bligh after one of his officers.
Stephen Island (Ugar) in the distant background

The weather side of Kodall Island

Darnley Island from Nepean Island

Yorke Island

Jardine River Ferry

Raine Island
1844 Convict-built navigation beacon

Murray Island (Mer)
A wrecked yacht on the fringing reef

Washed-up Light-Vessel CARPENTARIA
Originally towed from Scotland in 1926 & anchored at Carpentaria Shoal 52km west of Cape York

St Paul Village, Moa (Banks Island)

Masig (Yorke Island), Marsden Island in background

Thursday Island

Mer (Murray Island)
Stone fishtraps

Cumberland Passage

Dauar & Waier, the semi-submerged rim of a volcano

Jardine River, remnants of the bridge at the Telegraph Line Crossing

Honeymoon Island (Waiweer), former Pearling Station

Thursday Island Diver Cemetery, 1000 or more Divers are laid to rest here

Honeymoon Island (Waiweer)

Saibai Island

Tudu (Warrior Island) & Canal Mauvais

Mabuiag (Jervis Island) Talab

Albany Pass, looking south

Ussher Point

Long Island (Sassie)
Lava formation

Bet Reef (Bara Maz)
The Wreck of the WONGALA (1980)

Goode Island
The wreck of the WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN 1899

Alpha Rock north of Adolphus Channel & Cape York

Horn Island Cargo Wharf
The main cargo distribution point for the Torres Strait

Mabuiag (Jervis island)
At 450 m the shortest airstrip in Torres Strait

Tuesday (foreground) & Wednesday Islands

Lowry Cay

Coconut Island (Puremar, Poruma) situated on the Great North East Channel (Central Island Group)

Dove Island Ului

Saibai is the only inhabited Island in Torres Strait
which doesn't have an English name. 4 km off the New Guinea coast.

Western Island Group. Naghir, Peenacar, Moa, Gettulai, Sauraz & Ulu.
Sunset viewed from Sue Island (Warraber)

Thursday Island, MV AUSTRALIA FAIR the ferry between Horn Ngurupai & Thursday Island (Waibene)

Jervis Reef
A clear indication of the very strong tidal streams

Murray Island (Mer) A section of the many kilometres of fishtrap walls built by generations of islanders.

North West Reef (Eastern Extremity)

Hammond Rock in Prince of Wales Channel, Hammond Island on left, Goode Island right rear, Friday Island in amongst the lot & Prince of Wales Island in the background

Horn Island water-filled gold mine

Boat Channel Horn Island (Ngurupai), Entrance Island (Zuna) & Prince of Wales Island (Muralug)

Yorke Island (Masig)

Bet Island & Bet Reef, WONGALA Wreck

Darnley Island (Erub)

Mt Adolphus Islands (Muri)

Western Islands


... and that's enough sightseeing for the moment! Hubert Hofer needs a rest, a long nine-month rest, and what better place to have it in than Mopah Airport in Merauke!    ☺



More photos on Hubert's website www.northpic.com.au