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Friday, March 17, 2017

A ten-dollar-lunch with a million-dollar-view

Million-dollar-view from the restaurant at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club


My printer won't print and so I drove into the Bay to visit the local library where they let you print for nothing if you hold a senior's concession card - which I do not - or at thirty cents a page if they deem you to be rich.

Having taken all the trouble of shaving and getting dressed, I thought we might as well have some lunch in town and, never having joined up before as I was born on the opposing side, I finally mustered enough courage to join the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club so as to try their ten-dollar-lunch with a million-dollar-view.

The clientele was of decidedly (war) veteran age but no longer likely to be offended by my German accent which encouraged me to take out the discounted five-year membership on the clear understanding that any unused portion will be refunded to my estate.

Now I'm back at peaceful "Riverbend" and ready to hit the old sofa in the clubhouse by the pond. East or west, home is best!