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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Keep calm! It's still a bargain!


The latest prospective buyer certainly kept calm as he made me his cash offer of two million, knowing full well that, had I accepted, he would've got himself an absolute bargain. As one of my neighbours commented, "If I owned your property, I wouldn't sell it for less than three million."

My neighbour has bought and sold many properties in his time, and as we talked, it became apparent that I need a new approach, not now but later, after town water and sewerage has come to Nelligen which will send real estate prices to a new high. And the new approach will also mean professional photography and a professional marketing campaign.

In the meantime, I'm taking my advertisement off the internet but "storing" it here for all of you to see and for old times' sake:


Keep calm! It's still a bargain at $2,275,000!

Are you ready for a tree- and seachange to a place where a stranger says good morning to you, where you have real grass to walk on, and where you kiss your kids goodnight without dead-bolting their windows before you leave the room? At "Riverbend" the greatest danger your kids face are the almost tame king parrots swooping down on them, and you can keep chooks, have a vegie garden, a hammock and your sanity back as well!

Most people call it Paradise. We have been calling it home for twenty-seven years but we're getting too old to develop this property to its full potential and are willing to negotiate which creates this rare buying opportunity. We've done all the hard work and will sell as a "going concern" with all furnishings, equipment, tractor, tools, boats, etc. together with lucrative "Riverbend" holiday cottage letting business. Make an offer for the lot!

This is absolute and total privacy with no neighbours (our only neighbour is the peaceful river!), never to be built out, and yet with all the amenities of suburban living: bitumen road (and just 10 minutes to Batemans Bay!), mail delivery, garbage collection, high-speed NBN, and, from next year, town water and sewerage (get set before land values go through the roof!)

As for the price [$2,275,000], most residential properties sell at a price ratio of 70% for the house and 30% for the land; "Riverbend" has an inverse ratio of 30% for the house and 70% for the land because, as you know what they say about land, "They don't make any more!", and "Riverbend" sits on a unique seven-acre parcel of residential absolute waterfront land, totally private, totally secluded, and yet only 8 km from Batemans Bay. So there you have it: about $700,000 for an older-style but very solid double-storey brick residence (plus numerous other improvements) and the rest for the land which seems an absolute bargain when you consider that the last vacant waterfront block in the lane of a mere 1500 square metres (5% of Riverbend's land area) sold for $750,000 (and the neighbouring house on the same size of land sold for $1.7 million)

- 7 acres (approx.) with over 300 metres of absolute waterfront to highwater mark
- Main Residence double-storey brick 220 square metres (approx.)
- Self-contained guest cottage 50 square metres (approx.) rented out as holiday accommodation
- Freestanding brick entertainment centre/library/retreat 37 square metres (approx.)
- Colorbond workshop 28 square metres (approx.)
- Storage shed 54 square metres (approx.)
- Pond House 36 square metres (approx.)
- Jetty and permanent boat mooring
- Last year's (2019) valuation by Valuer-General: $1,554,000 (LAND ONLY!)
- Independent valuation in 2011 was $1.84 million
- Zoning mostly RU1 which permits Dual Occupancy, Home-based Child Care, Intensive Livestock and Plant Agriculture, Animal Boarding Facility, Eco-Tourist Facility, Camping Ground, Tourist and Visitor Accommodation, Helipad, etc. (STCA)


However, don't expect the new marketing campaign to start anytime soon because that's the other thing: I first have to decide where I now want to go, and then find something suitable in that new location!

Years ago, when I had first put "Riverbend" up for sale, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and what I wanted to buy. Not surprisingly, those options have long since then disappeared and I need to search again.

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. In presenting his offer, my prospective buyer wrote, "So if 2 million is not enough to buy the property, then I will have to keep looking . I will stay in touch with you both and let you know my progress." Well, he hasn't stayed in touch! Is he still smarting from missing out on a bargain?

P.P.S. So I am happily settled at "Riverbend" at last! And as I don't want my lovely neighbours to suddenly sell up either, I've put up this sign 😂: