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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Enough firewood until hell freezes over!


I've gone halves in a you-beaut log splitter with a hydraulic lift, and for the past two days have been busily splitting that gigantic gum tree the electricity people had cut down outside my bottom gate.


I am now a qualified log splitter operator, and Padma has become an experienced firewood stacker. And, as it turned out, the new firewood shed is far, far too small - it should've been at least TWICE its size!


On a cool and early Saturday morning, my friend STANLEY is ready to give me both his hand(le)s) for another day's hard work

With the new woodshed already full to overflowing, I had to find space behind the tractor


Enough firewood until hell freezes over! But wait, there's more:



Tomorrow being Sunday, you're invited to our big firewood shedwarming party. No need to bring more firewood; just bring your own firelighters!

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