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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

I failed to gain traction this morning


The Braidwood Buy Swap and Sell facebook page listed a Kubota L1-22DT 26hp 4WD Diesel Tractor for sale. When I inquired, the chap said, "Probably already sold but will let you know tomorrow." This morning he did and it was.

Pity as it's just the thing I've been looking for, as my much smaller Kubota is simply - well, too small! This 26hp baby would've done just nicely to mow my whole seven acres, even without this driver:


Our remanufactured L1-22DT Kubota 4WD 26hp paired with a Del Morino finishing mower to trim the grass in between rows in a vineyard. Remanufactured Kubotas paired with implements offer a full range of solutions for your farm! SOTA Tractors sells the best value, fully supported tractors and implements in Australia. We offer Australia-wide delivery and great after-sales service. Call SOTA Tractors on 1300 767 297 for more information or visit our website at: www.sotatractors.com

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