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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A recession-proof Chinese business model

China, through its own laws and regulations, has created possibly one of the best, sure-fire business models ever. And it’s probably not one you’ve considered. But you’d better act quickly, as others are seeing the light.

China, in order to slow population growth, instituted their one-child policy around 1980, which required anyone having a second child to pay a very heavy tax. This policy has not been lifted or lightened. In fact the Chinese government has reiterated this policy in the last year.

Chinese want their only-child to be a son who can support the parents and carry on the family name. Due to the deliberate sex-selection of the parents, and by the law of unintended consequences, the Chinese government reports that they have 32 million more boys than girls between 5 and 20 years old. 32 million! Think about that. In a few short years, the Chinese will have over 30 million young men for whom no wife is available. There simply is no corresponding woman in the system, much less a woman in their area, or a woman they like, or a woman who likes them.

So what do you do about that? Well, the Chinese, always business-minded, have come up with the answer: “Open gay bars!”

The New York Times recently reported on the first Gay Pride week in Shanghai in an area known as the Gay Triangle. With 32 million more men than women in just a few short years, I’d imagine the celebrations in this area of town will only get bigger. I’d bet a few more bars are opening across the country right now.