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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Theatre of the Mind

Remember radio dramas? I do! I was fortunate enough to grow up when there was no daytime television; when we would sit around the radio in the evening, with the magic dial glowing in the dark, ready to navigate us around the world.

The radio drama was our entertainment then and, while I may be seeing it through sepia-tinted glasses, in my opinion it is superior to nearly every television series. The use of sound effects was truly amazing in its ability to conjure up vivid images and changing settings. Here are some wonderful examples.

All this came back to me last night as I sat, glass of red in hand, by the mellow light of an old kerosene lantern and pretended to be back in New Guinea while listening to today's poor cousin of the radio drama, a 'spoken-book-on-tape' of "Storm Boy", narrated by the author himself, the unforgettable Colin Thiele.