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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love dogs - and I love this movie:

Patagonia is a rough land, and for 52-year-old Juan Villegas, it's even rougher. A mechanic who's just lost his job, Juan tries to make ends meet by selling hand-made knives. No one wants them, but Juan isn't bitter and never loses his calm.

When he repairs a young woman's car one day, he is given a most unusual gift: a beautiful Dogo Argentino, a gamehound of noble pedigree called Bombón. Man and dog carefully eye each other, each creature weighing the pros and cons of a possible long-term relationship. But Bombón is good-natured and willing, and Juan unquestioningly welcomes the dog into his life. More yet: Bombón begins to change his new master's life.

Swept into the world of exuberant dog trainer Walter, Juan is talked into entering Bombón into a local dog show, where Bombón comes in third! For Juan Villegas, it's a first step in a promising new career as exhibitor - and the start of a beautiful friendship...