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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some old news from Brittainnistan:

The Daily Express reports:

Overworked nurses have been ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move Muslim patients' beds so they face towards Mecca. The lengthy procedure, which also includes providing fresh bathing water, is creating turmoil among overstretched staff on bustling NHS wards. […] And a taxpayer-funded training programme for several hundred hospital staff has begun to ensure that all are familiar with the workings of the Muslim faith.

Complains a senior nurse at Dewsbury and District Hospital in West Yorkshire:

Some people might think it is not that big a deal, but we have a huge Muslim population in Dewsbury and if we are having to turn dozens of beds to face Mecca five times a day, plus provide running water for them to wash before and after prayers, it is bound to impact on the essential medical service we are supposed to be providing.

And in another minor milestone in the Islamification of Europe, Britain's Royal Preston Hospital is now pandering to Muslims by spending £12 apiece for hospital gowns that are actually burkas. The "Inter-faith gown", as it's called in PC newspeak, reveals nothing of the patient but the eyes and hands.

Pass me the "Inter-faith strait-jacket"!

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