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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bali's best personalised transport service

We met Ketut Yadnya at the Banjar Hills warung of Ibu Kade. We were immediately taken by his genuine friendliness. When we booked his car to take us back to the airport several days later, his honesty of asking for a modest price instead of 'trying it on' further impressed us.

As it turned out, he not just took us straight to the airport but made detours via Munduk and the lakes and made stops for us to take plenty of pictures, to feed the roadside monkeys, to visit several temples, and visit the Butterfly Park as well as Tanah Lot.

Of course, we tipped him handsomely and so will you, if you come to Bali and book him for a trip around the island. His name is Ketut Yadnya and his mobile number is 081 353 344 370. What he lacks in English language skills, he makes more than up for with his genuine desire to please you and show you his island.

We recommend him highly!