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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alf Garnett is alive and well ...

... and pulling beer at the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club where we had Chicken à la King today before taking the plunge at the Ulladulla Leisure Centre.

Afterwards, we underwent some intensive retail therapy at Bunnings and at our favourite op-shop, Vinnies, where I discovered this little beauty:

As a kid in Germany, I would wait in line for hours to have a crack at one of these table-top soccer games at the local "Haus der Jugend" (youth centre) - and here it was, for sale at a mere $35 ! However, the trouble-and-strife thought there was enough clutter in the house already, and so I had to contend myself with an equally rare find, Charmian Clift's Essays 1968-1969, "Being Alone With Oneself".

Charmian Clift, with her husband, the Australian writer George Johnston - "My Brother Jack" - , and their children, lived for several years on the Greek island of Hydra. After their return to Australia in the mid-1960s, Charmian wrote weekly articles for the Sydney Morning Herald which were later compiled in book form, of which "Being Alone With Oneself" is the final one before her tragic suicide in 1969. Almost forgotten today, her essays are full of glittering prose, passionate opinion, and sheer joy in communication. If you can still find one of her books, grab it! You won't be disappointed!