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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gross Government Waste

OK folks. You read this, and then you tell me when enough is enough. What’'s been reported in the papers about this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We've just got to get rid of Gillard and her cronies.

You probably read about the boat people drowning as their boat capsized on the way to Australia. Anyway, the 108 survivors have all been transported to Christmas Island, part of Australia and WA territory even thought they were only 38 kilometers from the Indonesian coast and 200 kilometres from Australian Territory when they capsized.

To make matters worse, they chartered a Royal Flying Doctor aircraft for 3 flights at $120,000 each to bring 8 of them to hospital in Perth.

It gets worse! One Afghan took sick on Christmas island after the RFDS had done their 3 charters, so they chartered a 148-seat Boeing 737 to fly Perth - Christmas Island - Perth to take ONE boat person to hospital; 6 hours flying, full crew, 2 passengers, one being a government official.

It gets worse! They've just converted an old Army camp at Northam, a small town 80 kilometres east of Perth, to house boat people. Cost $125,000,000 to take 300 of them. They have 2 artificial grass soccer pitches, internet cafe, basketball courts, library, family lounges, learn-to-drive school. It makes me sick.

On top of this, they each get paid over $1,200 per fortnight from social services, which is more than an Australian pensioner receives.

My blood pressure is going up writing this.

Howard had the solution - turn them round in mid-ocean. Only 3 boats got through in the last 2 years of his tenure as Prime Minister, and some occupants were loaded on an aircraft and returned to Indonesia straight away.

Roll on the next Federal Election.