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Monday, March 24, 2014

What a good idea!

Testing the springs in the worn-out old armchairs at the Treehouse Cafe


We walked past The Treehouse Cafe Ulladulla for months. Today we actually walked inside - and we are so pleased we did!

It was like something out of the Mad Hatter's Party with all the furnishings, decorations, even the crockery and cutlery, straight out of the nearest op-shop. The chairs were comfortable and deep, mainly because the springs were so worn out, the cutlery holder a left-over from last night's dinner, and the table number as vinyl as the table cloth.

While others may have spent half a million dollars for a Coffee Club franchise and another hundred thousand for an all-chrome-and-glass fit-out which takes them years to recover, the Treehouse Cafe has created a unique ambience for less than the first day's takings.

If you want to study a good business model, come to the Treehouse Cafe in Ulladulla!