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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whatever makes them tic!


So you are yearning for that peaceful place in the country? Well, before you put your money where your yearn is, make sure the neighbours don't have Tourette syndrome.

Ours seem to have it bad. At first, we put it down to a lack of toilet training but after more than ten years of coprolalia and copropraxia, I began to wonder when the men in white coats would show up.

They never did but something showed up on GOOGLE (and don't ask me what keywords I used ☺): Tourette syndrome!

It just had to be it! I mean, living a miserable life and wanting to make others' miserable, too, is one thing, but spending every waking hour of every day on it suggests something deeply pathological.

They say, good fences make good neighbours. I say, make the fence match the neighbours' vocabulary.