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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to Canadian Chris!

Your choice of birthday presents.
Click on the image for the 'nationalistic' option


I was going to make you a genuine German Black Forest Cake but then I wondered if people in a country that saw fit to turn the perfectly-named city of Berlin into 'Kitchener' might have a problem with this.

And that despite the fact that we gave the whole country its name. Here's the proof:

As the man says, the first to arrive on Canada's empty shores were a bunch of Bavarians. They looked around and, not seeing anybody, said in their best Bavarian dialect, "Ka na da!", which means in High German, "Keiner da!", which, as everybody knows, means, "Nobody there!"

Anyway, you and your tastebuds may feel more comfortable with the second option although, personally, I am puzzled why you should name your favourite dish after a former KGB-chief and now ruling Russian prime minister ☺

Anyway, have a good one! If we were still in Camp 6 at Loloho, we could now sit inside the "boozer" under a tropical, starry sky with a cold SP and whinge about the long working hours, the lousy food, the lack of women and various other privations. Has anything changed? ☺