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Friday, September 5, 2014

Mimpi Manis


Another day in Ulladulla, another day browsing the op-shops, and I came away with this beautiful little volume of 'Bedtime Stories from Bali' which includes an excerpt from Miguel Covarrubias' famous book, published in 1937, Island of Bali.

Having previously watched the eponymous Hitchcock movie, I also picked up John Buchan's classic, The Thirty-Nine Steps, as well as Paul Davies' The Mind of God, a book which, according to its backcover blurb, "no inquisitive mind can do without".

And that's it for another week. With 'mimpi manis' being a literal translation by a European (with a predisposition to alliterations) which no Indonesian would ever use, I wish you a more appropriate 'mimpi indah' until next week.