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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lots of people have lots of friends

left-to-right: Ian, Kathy, Padma, moi. The pink ladies in the back are raising money for Moruya Hospital; we're still waiting for the call to say that we're holding the winning tickets.


But that's only because they find the word 'acquaintance' too hard to spell. However, I think I can rightly claim that Ian and I are good friends and our friendship has endured the test of time, perhaps because we don't meet all that often.

Today was one of those rare days when we met for lunch at the Tuross Head Country Club. We talked about everything and anything and time just flew.

Now I'm back at "Riverbend" and ready to start on another book, Rorting - The Great Australian Crime by Malcolm Brown. It's all about travel rorts and other financial abuses by Federal politicians (what? corrupt politicians? never! I mean, you can rent them by the hour but you could never buy them, could you?); a salted gold mine in Borneo (read Kerry B. Collison's book "Indonesian Gold"); the Fine Cotton Affair (one of those alleged to have been involved, Peter McCoy, was my client in Canberra where he ran the highly successful night club, the "Private Bin"; I read somewhere Peter declared himself bankrupt claiming to have become the victim of online scammers); tax evasion in Australia (a national sport, second only to Greece, the pinnacle of which were the bottom-of-the-harbour schemes); the life and times of Christopher Skase (watch "Let's Get Skase"); corruption in the justice system; the corrupt practices in local government and the building industry; and the grasping for insurance pay-outs and other windfalls.

More to talk about next time Ian and I meet up again!