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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pin the tail on the donkey

Ian Paterson with donkey (the donkey is on the left)


We didn't exactly play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey but my old mate Ian Paterson and I had lots of fun meeting up again after more than forty years - see here (well, 'old mate' might be a little presumptuous: Ian’s more of a professional acquaintance but that just sounds so stuffy…).

Memories came back thick and fast of our times on Bougainville Island, of the people we have known, and of the things we have done. We seem to have swapped sides since: when we first met in 1973, Ian was married and I was footloose and fancy-free. Forty years later, I am married and he is footloose and fancy-free (just how fancy-free he demonstrated by always leaving the toilet-seat up, a habit I had beaten out of me during the last fifteen years of domestic bliss ☺)

The three nights he stopped over at "Riverbend" went all too fast. He left this morning after breakfast ...



... for Canberra where he wants to do a bit of sightseeing and visit some of the new government buildings:



Thanks for dropping by, Ian! I hope you enjoyed our little reunion as much as I did. Whenever you are at a loose end, come again!


P.S. SURPRISE! Just discovered Ian's message in our guestbook: "Thank you, Peter and Padma, for one of the loveliest times in my life. You are both very generous, welcoming and genuinely nice friends. I felt totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute of my stay. The food prepared by Padma was simply delicious. The tranquility, beauty and peace of Riverbend Cottage is just wonderful. Magnificent trees, lovely river, billabong, wildlife - first time I have fed a donkey!! Your invitation to visit, Pete, after 40-plus years working together on Bougainville Island was a golden opportunity to reminisce about that outstanding time in our lives which left us all thankful for that exciting journey and experience of a lifetime. Much love and good wishes. Ian Paterson, Coolangatta, Queensland."