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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What if fish did to us what we do to them?


Imagine a delicious-looking chocolate bar, still in its shiny wrapper, lying on the riverbank. Along comes a middle-aged-looking guy with a fishing rod over his shoulder, obviously out for a day of angling. He spies the chocolate bar, picks it up, unwraps it and pops it in his mouth with a contented smile.

Next he's dropped the fishing rod and his eyes are as big as golf balls. His mouth is all puckered and distended - and now you can see a thin, taut line running from the corner of his mouth straight across the riverbank into the water. The fisherman is on his knees and he's being dragged - reeled in - inexorably into the water.

When next you look, all you can see is the surface of the water with just a few bubbles rising and the fisherman's hat floating beside them.

Makes you think about angling from a different ... angle, as it were, doesn't it?

Don't take yourself too seriously;
no-one else does.