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Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanks for handing me back the keys to domesti-City!


Barely had I returned from the big city when domesti-City reclaimed me: washing the dogs, walking the dogs, mowing the lawn, collecting the mail, and putting out the garbage bin.

Then the car's rego fell due which meant four new tyres and, for good measure, a new battery. Disconnecting the old battery set off the anti-theft device on the CD-player. Now it asks me for a security code which I haven't got. The dealer can give it to me by dismantling the whole player for which he wants $55. Bloody thief!

The KUBOTA tractor needed a new oil- and fuel-filter and four litres of oil, and the ride-on mower new blades and a new drive pulley.

And when I thought I had dealt with just about everything, the blind man arrived. He was no ordinary blind man: he was a Venetian blind man and he had come to do a measure-and-quote on some vertical blinds for upstairs and downstairs which I had completely forgotten about!

Thanks for handing me back the keys to domesti-City!