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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seven Miles from Sydney and a Thousand Miles from Care

(part of my Sydney trip 1st - 3rd December 2013;
stay tuned for more)

Padma, I swear, I was looking at the ocean;
the girls just happened to be standing there!


No visit to Sydney is complete without a visit to Manly. So, with the help of my Seniors Card, I bought myself a 24-hour pass for all trains, buses, and ferries (at $2.50 still the best bargain in town!) and jumped on a train to Town Hall. From there I went down to Platform 6 and boarded another train for Circular Quay, from where it was just a short walk to Wharf 3 to board the Manly Ferry.

Past the "Diamond Princess" tied up at Circular Quay, ...

... and the Opera House ...

... before I could walk down that famous pedestrian mall which connects the harbourside of Manly with the big blue ocean beyond.

Manly's historic seaside pub, the Hotel Steyne, had just opened its doors which saved me pushing them open. I just flopped down, looked out the open windows towards New Zealand, and had a beer (or was it three?)

The weather was perfect but it was also my last day in Sydney and I had a bus to catch. Pity as I was tempted to avail myself of another bargain offered by the good people of Manly.