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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Who was Sigurd Kibsgaard?


Our weekly trip to Ulladulla is always something to look forward to: a long swim in the heated pool, lunch at the local Chinese, a bit of shopping, and a stop at the Lions Park at Burrill Lake for the dogs.

I was sitting on a bench by the lake, reading my latest op-shopped book, Frozen Desire - An Inquiry into the Meaning of Money by James Buchan, when I looked down at my feet (bits and pieces of me are beginning to fall off, so I keep checking ☺ ) and saw this:

"The Vikings are coming!"

Who was Sigurd Kibsgaard? I'm more into Kierkegaard myself but I guess Sigurd Kibsgaard was not your average Ocker either. Judging by his name, he must have been a latter-day Viking from Norway who somehow finished up in Ulladulla as member of the local LIONS CLUB.

Don't we live in a wonderfully multi-cultural country?