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Friday, January 17, 2014

The jar is safely back on the shelf


As soon as I had sent the first lot of $500 to Horst, my BHP shares went from Wednesday's closing price of $35.93 to today's close of $37.89.

My wife, who is a practising Catholic and believes in the second coming (although not mine! ☺ ) and all that stuff, immediately said, "You see, you do good things to others and good things happen to you!"

I had forgotten to tell her that, after I had given a local fire victim a cheque for $500 the week before, the same shares dropped from a high of $38.20 to said $35.93. Could it be because they hadn't cashed it yet?

Anyway, all that H2SO4 did a wonderful cleansing job on my inbox ☺.




Donations collected to help Horst Berger
in cyclone-devastated Tonga:

1) Peter Goerman AUS$450
2) Chris Jefferies, Canada, AUS$120
3) Frank Köhler, Germany, €20
4) Matt Muirhead, Owner VILLA MAMANA, USA, US$175
5) Werner Seifert, Germany, €20
6) Andrew Holt, Australia, AUS$200
7) Anonymous, AUS$100
8) Ralph Christen, Papua New Guinea, AUS300


The appeal is now closed. I sent Horst $500 yesterday, and will send another $500 next week. To all those who contributed, my heartfelt thanks. Those who want to add their individual contribution can do so via WESTERN UNION to Horst Berger, Felemea, Uiha, TONGA. I am sure, Horst will contact you individually once communications have been re-established.