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Friday, April 15, 2016

The short chubby Greek has left Nelligen


Nick the Greek brought his yacht "Amber Lady" to the Clyde River and bought a house in Nelligen in February 2009. We became good friends and I offered to show him Bali which I did in September 2010 - click here and here.

The "Amber Lady" sank and Nick sold his house at 13 Currowan Street and bought a Mercedes mobile home to tour this Big Brown Land.

Nick's house at 13 Currowan Street

Half your luck, Nick, and it's been good knowing you! What isn't so good is to watch others - first Ian who's gone to Port Douglas and now Nick - move on while I'm still sitting here like a shag on a rock!

Now I know what it must've been like for those who befriended me during my peripatetic years in many parts of the world. I always moved on and left them behind.

Now it's their turn to move on and mine to be left behind.