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Friday, April 8, 2016

Time for a beer (or two)


An acquaintance from my days in Rabaul emailed me, "Peter, I will be travelling through your area en route to Canberra with Ida on Saturday 7th May and hope you can make time for us to meet up after all these years. Cheers Peter Logan".

Apart from the same first name and having lived in the same donga at the Public Works Department mess hall on Malaguna Road, we had very little in common as I, night after night, was studying for my accounting exams while the other Peter, night after night, was out on the town.

His partner-in-crime was Grahame Ward - see this blog entry - whose two passions in life were beer and billiard - in fact, he was known as 'Felson' (remember The Hustler ?)

Maybe Peter and I didn't have much in common but there's always the shared bond of New Guinea and I look forward to sharing a beer (or two) with him while reminiscing about the good ol' days; indeed, it already prompted me to re-read Malaguna Road.