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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BREXIT the Evil Union


No-one really knows what Britain outside the EU would look like. And no one knows whether this would be the first domino to fall. A vote to leave could spark other countries to reclaim their sovereignty from the growing monster of European bureaucracy. And a long and slow disintegration of the EU would mean the end of the euro, one of the world’s major currencies.

Immigration — taking control of their borders — and restoring the British legal system, as opposed to being dictated to by Brussels, are the major issues being used to persuade people to vote LEAVE.

The REMAIN side’s major argument focuses on the prospects of an economic Armageddon should Britain leave. The REMAIN camp is receiving donations from — the multinationals. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs et al are very much in favour of the EU because the Eurocrats create more regulation. The greater the amount of red tape, the higher the barrier to entry. The last thing multinationals want is competition. There was no valid counter to this point from the REMAIN side.

If Australia joined an economic union with Asia, how would we like being told what to do by Beijing, Tokyo or Seoul — by people we had no clue about?

Remember George Soros' famous bet against the Bank of England in 1992? He won that one and I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't already placing his bets on a falling euro. Watch out for Soros!