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Monday, May 9, 2016

It's all Greek to me


On a cool and grey autumn morning like this I need to kickstart myself with some Greek music which makes me immediately think back to my two years in Greece.

Why did I ever leave? Was it a misdiagnosed case of homesickness or was it just that I had had enough of working for a fickle Arab boss?

Did I regret having chucked in an almost perfect job? Of course, I did; but then 'Impetuousness' has been my middle name ever since I chucked in an equally perfect job in Burma ten years earlier.

People keep saying, "Have no regrets!" Edith Piaf made a whole song-and-dance act out of it - click here.

For my part, I have plenty of regrets because I have lived a very full life. If you have no regrets from the life you have lived, your biggest regret should be the life you haven't lived.