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Monday, June 13, 2016

Look how much more you can get for an extra 10%!

# 27 Sproxton Lane, Nelligen


They say size matters. And it matters nowhere more than with land, especially in the quiet countryside where you want privacy away from eavesdropping and prying neighbours.

If you live on a narrow block of land, wedged in tight between two similarly sized blocks, you can't avoid being part of your neighbours' lives and theirs being part of yours, and it doesn't get much narrower than 20 metres which is the width of all the residential waterfront blocks along Sproxton Lane (all, that is, except "Riverbend" which stands on seven glorious, neighbour-defying acres).

One such property, # 27 Sproxton Lane, with a beautiful, contemporary house on it, has just sold for $1,700,500, which prompted me to write a new sales pitch for "Riverbend":

"Sproxton Lane's most recent sale was a contemporary house with a 20-metre-length of waterfront on some 1700 square metres, wedged between two similarly-sized properties, at $1.7 million. For just a little more than 10% extra in price, you can now buy "Riverbend" which has sixteen times the length of waterfront, sixteen times the land area (with fascinating choices for future uses), absolute and total privacy, and a stately two-storey brick residence."

It makes "Riverbend" look like a bargain, doesn't it? Please form an orderly queue!