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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Classic Columns


Even before this coronashit, I've been in self-isolation here at "Riverbend" for the past twenty year, as I was born with social distancing in my blood. All of which means that Padma does all the shopping, including dropping in at Vinnies for the occasional find of a good DVD or book.

Yesterday she hit the bull's eye when she returned with Phillip Adams' "Classic Columns". I didn't even know he'd published this collection of some of his more erudite mumblings! Thanks, Phillip! Thanks, Padma!

And all this for $2, which leaves me with enough money to rush into BUNNINGS for a new $12.50 towel rail so as to be able to game ScoMo's new Home Renovation stimulus package. More fake money! And some poor black bastard just got kneed to death for passing a fake $20-bill!

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