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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The inexhaustibility of human stupidity


As kids in the 50s and 60s in Germany we saved up every "Groschen" to buy ourselves a "Negerkuss", or "Nigger's Kiss", which is a piece of marshmellow coated in chocolate. I've just heard that this name is 'verboten' in today's Germany.

And they're working on replacing all such 'racist' terms as 'Schwarzgeld' ('black money') and 'Schwarzarbeit' ('working in the black economy'). Reminds me of the post-war years when the British didn't want to call their dogs German Shepherds so they decided on the name Alsatian.

And they're at it again by wanting to ban John Cleese's unforgettable Fawlty Towers sketch "Don't mention the war" while at the same time trying to topple statues of anyone deemed politically incorrect by the same sort of hypocrites who stopped eating "Negerküsse" in Germany.



The impact on city dwellers has been devastating. As one remarked, "That statue has been such an important part of my life since 9 o'clock this morning. Now it’s gone. It’s a tragedy. I used to walk past it and ignore that statue every morning. I won’t be able to do that anymore".

The inexhaustibility of human stupidity never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I'm thinking of writing a book about it which should be quite a tome (unlike my previous book, "Italian War Heroes", which ran to no more than a couple of pages, even after applying double-spacing).



In the meantime, the makers of "Negerküsse" - oops, sorry, "N****küsse" - seem to have found a solution to staying on the right side of political correctness by renaming their product "Schaumwaffeln mit Migrations-hintergrund"   ---   or "Marshmellows with a history of migration".

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