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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Let your fingers do the walking


Remember Yellow Pages' "Let your fingers do the walking"? We've gone one better: Padma does the walking and when she's found something that I might like, she sends me a photo via WhatsApp and I simply reply with an "Okay!"

Just now she's been at Vinnies from where she sent me this photo:

"Motoring with Mohammed" by Eric Hansen! I'd just started to read it on archive.org but there's nothing like the tactile experience of holding the real book in your hands! Well spotted, Padma! "Okay!" And Stephen Fry is also one of my favourites. Another "Okay!" And then there was more: Bette Davis and Glenn Ford? "Okay!" And ditto for "A Passage to India".

Shopping is tiring. I'd better turn off my WhatsApp for the day. "Okay?"

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