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Monday, June 22, 2020

Even the dog would love the book!


Remember the story of a man who went to see a re-run of "Gone With the Wind" and was surprised to see a very large dog sitting next to a woman in the row in front of him?

What was even more surprising was that the dog seemed to follow the story, sitting with ears pricked, wagging its tail at the happy parts, and sitting downcast with bowed head during the distressing bits.

At the end of the show the man couldn't contain his curiosity any longer and, as the audience filed out of the cinema, walked over to the lady. "Excuse me, madam. I couldn't help noticing your dog in the movie. He seemed to understand the story and really enjoyed it. It was amazing!" "Yes," replied the woman, "I was amazed, too. He hated the book!"

I am sure the dog would love the book "Caddie, a Sydney Barmaid", even more so than the movie which is set in Sydney during the 1920s and 1930s, and is the true story of a desperate struggle against the almost overwhelming hardships of the Great Depression, against bad rooming-houses, bed bugs and illness, against exploitation and the corruption of Catherine Beatrice "Caddie" Edmonds' working environment.


Cover of First Edition


So which is it to be? The book or the movie? They're equally great.

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