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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Those chaps at ELDERS take better photos than I do

Can you spot "Riverbend"?


If you have ever wondered where we go for our (sometimes not so) brisk morning walk, wonder no more! Thanks to a recent real estate advertisement launched on the internet by   Elders   - see here - you can trace our walk across the bridge (left to right) ...

Three kayaks hired from Nelligen Kayak Hire. Another free plug provided by yours truly

... and past the jetty which is popular with anglers at any time of the day (or night), but which at this early hour is still awaiting the arrival of the daily lunchtime tourist launch from Batemans Bay, MV Merinda ...

"Less than 150 metres away" from the   Elders   house, but two kilometres from "Riverbend"

Phone 44724052 to make a booking. Mention my name to ensure I get my commission
(Note for Tong: don't bother buying a ticket; simply buy the whole business outright!)


... and also past the River Cafe which tempts us with a big mug of hot chocolate but which we know we wouldn't leave again for under an hour if we sat down as the view from the front porch is s o o o relaxing ...

DON'T mention my name to ensure you won't get thrown out!


... through the boat trailer park at the far end of Wharf Street which is very popular with Canberrans who come down the coast with their boats to spend whole days and nights on the river, fishing, drinking, or both ...

... and past the house which was last sold in August 2017 for $400,000, and which   Elders   will auction off next month because no-one knows what people are willing to pay in this crazily overheated market ...

... leaving the tennis court behind us to struggle up Currowan Street where Richard lives who usually does two, and often three, laps 'round the village - anti-clockwise against our clockwise - while he waits for the travel restrictions to be lifted so he can jet off to Thailand again ...

Your last chance: can you spot "Riverbend"?


... then along Runnyford Road, maybe stopping at "Tugboat" Tom's house to discuss the merits of shopping at ALDI, then turning right BEFORE the cemetery - they can carry me up there when the time comes! - heading down Reid Street where we might call in at Elaine and Neal's place to buy a dozen fresh eggs or a pot of honey or just talk to their horse ...

... and back onto Braidwood Street, past what used to be the Catholic Church and is now a private residence, and what used to be the Court House and is now the Anglican Church, and what used to be the local Watchhouse and is now also a private residence, before crossing the old bridge again which will soon be replaced by a new bridge - click here.

Rather thoughtlessly,   Elders   didn't take photos of all the streets - nor the people - I have mentioned in this blog. Must have a word with them!

We're back at "Riverbend"! I've switched on the computer to look at the sharemarket. It's a sea of red across the screen which once again proves what goes up must come down! I cracked a COKE to steady my nerves and, absentmindedly, poured it into my half-finished cup of lemon-and-ginger tea. It tastes absolutely awful but I might as well drink it as the current state of the market doesn't allow me to waste it! Cheers! 😜

Googlemap Riverbend


Update 8 April 2021: the property at 3 Clyde Boulevard has just been listed for sale at $749,000. Sheer madness!