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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday morning at Nelligen

Nelligen's old Court House, now the Anglican Church


If I told you that I thought there was a diamond the size of a refrigerator buried in my backyard, and that this belief gives my life meaning and I draw a lot of joy from digging for this diamond every Sunday, I would sound like a lunatic to you, wouldn't I?

It's early Sunday morning at "Riverbend" and I can just hear the faint, and mercifully short, ringing of the church bell from the village church across the river. The same people who would have me certified for believing that there is a diamond buried in my backyard and that digging for it gives my life meaning, think nothing strange about their own belief in prayer for their salvation and eternal life.

At my age, when things begin to wear out, fall out and spread out, I could do with a spiritual dimension to my life. However, while religion is a broad concept, it is trapped in narrow minds, and organised religion has far too much on its conscience to be acceptable to me.

I keep digging for that diamond in my backyard!


"Will you still love me when I become old and grey?" my wife asked me.

"Not only will I love you", I told her, "I'll write to you."