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Sunday, July 10, 2016

These walls can talk


They can talk of adventure, hope and hardship experienced by those who came to this wonderful country under the then 'Australian Assisted Passage Scheme'.

If you're one of them - or rather, one of us because I was one of them, too; see here - go to the National Archives of Australia website and get a copy of your own personal history before you become part of it.

  • Go to www.naa.gov.au
  • Click on Search the Collection
  • Click on RecordSearch
  • Type in your 'Keywords' and 'Date' (Year) and click on 'Search'
  • Click on the 'Item Title' that matches your search criteria
  • Click on 'Request Copy' and proceed to the checkout

This is what you get for $19.00 + GST.
A small price to pay for some good old memories!

Go for it, Werner, Hubert, Fred, Erwin, Fritz, Johannes, Tony, Frank. Urs, Ian, Helmut, Nick, Bob, Jürgen, Regine, Helene, and Othmar!