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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cinema Paradiso


Cinema Paradiso is one of cinema's great love songs to cinema. It's food for the weary soul and if you are a movie lover, you will lose your heart to it. If not, then you're most likely dead.

I was lucky to grow up in the pre-television days when I saved up my Groschen all week to pay for Sunday's matinee at the local cinema.

These days I have my own 'movie room' and a huge DVD collection of some of the best movies ever made, including Cinema Paradiso which hasn't found its way on YouTube yet.

Some others have and I've collected them on this blog. No, they're not the best - in fact, the best ones are not on Youtube - but they're the only worthwhile full-length movies I could find (and be quick because YouTube has a habit of deleting full-length movies because of copyright infringements). See you there!