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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, Bozenna, and many, many happy returns!


Bozenna and her late husband Ted, seen here at my old "home", the Savoy Hotel, lived in Athens where I met them in the early 'eighties when I worked in Greece.

Bozenna had answered an ad in the English language newspaper "ATHENS NEWS" in which I was looking for a "shipping person" who could do my many complex Laytime Calculations (for all you landlubbers, laytime is the period of time agreed between the parties - ship owners, charterers, cargo shippers and consignees - during which a chartered ship is available for loading / discharging without payment of additional freight.)

Bozenna did a wonderful job which saved my employer large sums of money and, on a personal side, she and Ted introduced me, a newcomer to Greece (I had just spent a miserable and very "dry" eighteen months in Saudi Arabia), to the many delights of Greek wining and dining. My many fond memories of Greece are entirely due to their wonderful friendship!

Bozenna, just as you start your celebrations at "O Sotiris", I shall open a bottle of Retzina and drink to your very good health! May you live for many more happy years!