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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Month of Sundays


This one is not with John Clarke but James O'Loghlin, a comedian who used to be a criminal lawyer but is better known as host of The New Inventors on ABC TV, as well as radio where he the evening show on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC Local Radio in NSW and the ACT.

Back then when a house next to his was being demolished and his once-peaceful mornings would be full of dust and noise, he had an idea: each morning James and his family would explore their own city. Between the three of them they'd lived in Sydney a lifetime, but it was full of places they hadn't seen and things they'd never done. It was time to do some catching up.

Surely you can't have new experiences and feel the wide-eyed excitement travel offers in a city where you've lived for twenty years or can you? A Month of Sundays is a funny and personal account of what James found when he ran away from home each day and went looking for peace, fun and the mysteries behind the dating rituals of the whipbird. It's also the story of how he tried to answer to the biggest question of them all: how the hell do I live my life?

This is a humorous and honest account of how the author spent a month exploring his home city, going to many out-of-the-way places with his partner and young child, and learned to enjoy the present rather than worry about the past. It's the kind of contemplative book I enjoy reading - and so might you!