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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If they had only listened to me!


What a debacle. The result of the election on Saturday (or lack of one) is shaping up to be the worst possible outcome for the nation. While the final result is still unknown, at this stage it’s looking like a hung parliament.

Turnbull’s strategy of calling a double dissolution election has backfired spectacularly. The Senate looks like being even more unwieldy now. Australia is set for three long years of more political uncertainty during which any meaningful structural reform is off the agenda. Whoever gets in will be unable to govern effectively.

Meantime, Pauline Hanson made a comeback and is calling for a Royal Commission into ... Islam! Where would you start with that? The birth of Mohammed?

And what's happening in Australia is representative of what is going on in other parts of the world. The upcoming US Presidential election looks to be just as devoid of genuinely good choice as the Aussie election. And Britain remains horribly divided post-Brexit.

If they had only listened to me! I could've told them to run the above YouTube campaign. It's about as erudite as you can afford to get in an Australian election.