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Monday, July 18, 2016

It must be the heat!

Page 20 of of the July 7th issue of the Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette;
Ian is on the far left (which is quite unusual for him ☺)


My old Bougainville-mate Ian recently moved to tropical Port Douglas and immediately became the Australian Liberty Alliance's local poster boy by handing out 'How to vote' cards at the polling booth.

He didn't quite make it to page 3 of the local Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette but page 20 isn't bad for an accountant turned activist, is it?

With all those scandals and corruption allegations involving the two major parties, is it any wonder that voters turn to other parties? And don't they have a choice! Just look at some of them:

  • Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, founded in 1993 by Nigel Quinlan, who ran as a candidate under the name Nigel Freemarijuana
  • Smokers' Rights Party, formed in 2012 to argue that taxation on cigarettes in Australia is excessive
  • Bullet Train for Australia, founded in 2012 to advocate for a high-speed rail corridor between eastern Australian cities
  • Australian Sex Party (enough said?)
  • Australian Equality Party (Marriage) (enough said?)
  • Australian Cyclists Party, led by Omar Khalifa (when did he get off his camel?)
  • Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop the Greens), formed to promote cycling, bushwalking, camping, kayaking, 4WD motoring, skiing, fishing and shooting

And the list keeps growing. In fact, I just heard that the local member for IKEA, Allan Key, is attempting to form a cabinet sometime this week.